Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Events

32 East Ross Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 18701

Greek Food Festival History

 The Greek Food Festival at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, as it is now, began in 2007.  Before then, the church sold Greek food at various events, particularly Wilkes-Barre city events.  For example, parishioners sold Greek food at the popular Fine Arts Fiesta in Wilkes-Barre for a few years.  However, the church later decided that Greek Food Festivals should be held at the church so that a larger assortment of Greek food and pastries may be sold.  In addition, parishioners decided that holding festivals at the church would allow for more festival features, such as free local deliveries and Greek dancing performances.

The members of the church hold Greek Food Festivals at the church twice each year.  Each festival has proven to be more successful than festival preceding it.  The attendance increases by a large number each time.  More and more people sign-up to be on the church’s festival mailing and e-mail address lists.  For information about the mailing and e-mail address lists, please click here.

Greek dancing performances were introduced at the 2008 Fall Greek Food Festival.  Members of the church decided to create a Web site for the Greek Food Festivals before the 2009 Spring Greek Food Festival.  The church members then decided to have Greek videos playing and offer free deliveries to customers for the 2009 Fall Greek Food Festival.  At the 2010 Spring Greek Food Festival, Greek products, such as Greek t-shirts and aprons, were available for purchase.  During the 2010 Fall Greek Food Festival, customers were offered with daily specials.  Starting at the 2011 Spring Greek Food Festival, customers were able to tour the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (upon clergy availability).  A Greek-themed raffle drawing was added to the festival's features at the 2011 Fall Greek Food Festival.  At the 2012 Spring Greek Food Festival, the church accepted credit cards for the first time!

Customers now have the opportunity to pre-order their food online by clicking here.  This way, people who choose to pre-order their food do not have to wait for their order to be prepared.

So come to a Greek Food Festival and be a part of its history!

Music on this page: Gie Mou Enas Aetos by Elias Klonarides, Greek dance: Kalamatianos